A Million Reasons to Ride

A Million Reasons to Ride

Since 2014, Wheels4Water has been a way for anyone to make a tangible difference in the fight against the global water crisis using only bicycles, a passionate community, storytelling, and heart for doing good. Following the incredible success of the 2014 – 2019 rides in which communities across the United States joined Wheels4Water fundraising efforts to raise nearly one million dollars, the vision for the 2020 ride is even bigger and bolder.

In the fall of 2020, the Wheels4Water team will set out on a coast-to-coast ride across the United States. The goal: raise support to bring clean water, improved health, and lasting hope to Ugandan families living in extreme poverty. $50 provides one person with clean water, sanitation, and hygiene–with your support, we can serve over 5,000 people this year.

There are a million reasons to ride. We choose clean water, health, and life for the vulnerable as our focus. Will you join us?


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About the Countries – Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda

The countries and regions we are riding for has some of the highest water scarcity and water-borne disease rates in the world.

In Uganda, almost 22 million people don’t have access to a basic supply of safe water. Of those people, the vast majority are children. In Ethiopia, 62 million people are impacted by the water crisis; in fact, 7.5 percent of the global water crisis is in Ethiopia alone. In Tanzania, over 43 million do not practice proper sanitation; that’s the majority of the population. This results in life-threatening illnesses that are easily prevented with basic access to safe water and health practices.

The Water Crisis in East Africa

  • 22M

    Ugandans who don’t have access to a basic supply of safe water.

  • 62M

    Ethiopians who are impacted by the water crisis.

  • 43M

    Tanzanians who do not practice proper sanitation.

Sean Ward

CBRE | Uganda Team Leader

Sean is a Senior Vice President of CBRE where he has spent the last 14 years advising companies on their global real estate strategy. When not creating real estate solutions for his clients Sean spends his time with his wife Jessica chasing around their kids, Jack (7), Brenley (4) and Holden (2). As a core component of Sean’s faith Sean believes it is his mission to “make wrong things right”. He feels called to make a difference in the world, particularly when it comes to issues affecting children (safe water, human trafficking, foster care / adoption, etc). Sean sees the global water crisis simply as a math problem and a matter of the will. If people with resources and knowledge will share their resources and knowledge with the developing world we can take a huge step towards eliminating cycles of poverty, early death and preventable diseases. Though not an endurance athlete or a cyclist Sean is excited to take this journey with the Wheels4Water team to help raise money and awareness for Lifewater International in the great work they are doing.