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This is the seventh annual Wheels4Water ride, and it’s our biggest one yet

$50 per mile = water for 1 person for life

In the fall of 2020, three cycling teams will set out on a coast-to-coast ride across the United States, racing one another to bring clean water and life-saving health practices to remote villages across the globe. 844 million people today live without clean water. It's a staggering number. Wheels4Water is about providing a real, lasting change. It's about babies having safe water so they can grow up strong and healthy. It's about helping girls stay in school instead of having to walk hours to gather water from a pond. It's about providing families with a sustainable path out of poverty. THE GOAL: Raise one million dollars to bring clean water, improved health, and lasting hope to families living in extreme poverty: specifically, families in Uganda, Ethiopia, and Tanzania.

We ride our bikes to help people get water and sanitation for life.

Wheels4Water is powered by a group of friends who decided to stop talking about living bold lives and decided to just act. We partner with businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations who want to create positive change by leveraging collective resources and influence, bringing safe water and sanitation training to people for life. Safe water should be a reality for everyone, and sometimes progress starts with one pedal after another. One mile at a time.

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December 18, 2019

Wheels4Water Has New Direction

The past six years have been filled with incredible and challenging cycling to support over 18,000 Africans by bringing safe water, sanitation and hygiene training to their villages. After seeing the work firsthand in the Congo, Uganda and Ethiopia, Wheels4Water has a big announcement. Lifewater International will now be the owner of the Wheels4Water event…

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