You Can.

In 2014 I wanted a challenge. I shared this feeling with good friend and long-time collaborator Brian MacDonald from Wonderkind Studios. Could we make a difference? Could we make an impact personally and professionally—and do it in a way that would inspire our families, our community, and people we didn’t even know?

Our companies had done some pretty wonderful things, both together and individually. We had helped raise money and awareness through books we created, documentaries we shot, micro-finance ideas we helped start, and tackling big human issues a world away by partnering with some leading design schools.

The idea of Wheels4Water was born out of our desire to do something even more personal. We decided to dig in personally and professionally and see what sort of impact we could make. Hundreds of hours, presentations, conversations, thousands of miles on bikes, and four years later, it’s humbling to see where things have come. In just a few days, a new Wheels4Water team will ride off across America for nine days in an effort to benefit 9,000 Ethiopian kids with safe water, sanitation, and hygiene education. Once they make their journey, over $650,000 dollars will have been raised. But what makes us smile the most is that well over 16,000 Africans will now wake up each morning and live incrementally better and healthier lives. Staggering, humbling, and beautiful.

This week the 2017 team got an email from Lifewater International showing the progress of the work to date that last year’s ride had generated. I want to share it with you for one simple reason: YOU can make a difference. Whether you support something you’re passionate about, support our efforts, or get out of your comfort zone and do something that raises awareness, shifts others, and inspires action—IT IS POSSIBLE.

There are many wonderful things about this work, but what I love is seeing the results, the real impact, this work has on people. We—with support, of course—are literally changing and saving lives. How amazing is that!

In 2017 we had six riders who collaborated to raise $207,000. That’s exciting, but what’s even more exciting are seeing the asset IDs of all of the wells and latrines in Uganda that are happening because of these efforts and are impacting thousands of lives! On the left you will see the asset IDs for the Mayuge Uganda Program, and on the right you will see the asset IDs for the Kaliro Uganda Program.

Here are images of one of the new wells and a water storage tank the ride funded too! 

If you have supported us in years past—THANK YOU! If you would like to support this year’s team, please do so here: support the rideAnd if you are wondering if you can do something that can make a difference, I hope you see that you can. Start dreaming and then take that first step!

For a video recap of the last ride – watch this!

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