Wheels4Water Partners with Geneva South Middle School


Over the last three years of leading Wheels4Water, we’ve often been humbled by the response from people who truly resonate with the message. This fall, a junior high class in Geneva, IL read a book called A Long Walk to Water. The book highlighted the reality of children in South Sudan and their daily struggle of getting safe water for their families.

Geneva South teacher, Juli Beyer invited the Wheels4Water team to present to several classes. During the presentations, we had the kids pick up a jerry can full of water so they could feel the weight that children their age and even younger carry miles each day. The presentation ended with a challenge to the students: fill a jerry can with any pocket change they could gather. At the end of two weeks, the classes raised over $1,500! The children gave half the amount to Wheels4Water and the other half to an organization that supported a group doing work in South Sudan.

We were incredibly inspired by that 7th-grade class raising just over $780 dollars to support our efforts in helping Ugandans get safe water, sanitation, and hygiene education. Their fundraising and passion helped 19 Ugandans get water for life. And as Juli remarked following the final tally of funding, “The presentation you shared on behalf of Lifewater has impacted the 7th grade students at Geneva Middle School South in many ways. First of all, most of the students were shocked that so many people around the world do not have access to the basic need of clean water, not to mention that because they lack clean water it is costing lives. I think the biggest impact that Lifewater provided our students was that they should not take water for granted, and that they too can make a difference.”

It’s pretty amazing how a connection between two communities half a world away can make such a sizable impact.

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