For 2016, a new website and a new ride!

Have you ever experienced something that changed your life forever? Either because of the people you were with or met, or just because of the circumstances?

That happened to us in 2007.

It was both amazing and heart-wrenching. We were in Africa where we spent time with the most beautiful people…but their circumstances were desperate. They were living without access to safe water and sanitation.

That was a turning point for us, and we’ve been working to help people get access to safe water since.

And now, in 2016, there’s a village in the Kaliro District of Uganda that needs YOUR help, and we’ve put together a plan that will help you do just that.

Our goal is this: Change 1,000 Ugandans lives in the Kaliro district…TOGETHER. Our partner, Lifewater International, has created a development model that can bring someone in this region water and sanitation for life with just $40! That makes our collective goal $40,000!

This area is in desperate need of safe water and sanitation, especially the kids.

It’s children under the age of five who suffer the most from waterborne disease, and it’s their older siblings who struggle to stay in school with no water and no sanitation.

The fact is, when kids don’t have water and sanitation at their school, the dropout rates increase and sickness keeps many from regular attendance.

You can be a part of this adventure by donating to the cause, spreading the word, volunteering, or by joining one of our 3 cycling teams. If you commit to raise at least $480, you’re welcome to join with other cyclists from around the country for our Team Illinois ride on July 9th, or our Team Arizona ride on October 8th. Or support Wheels4Water by joining Team Anywhere, and a ride you organize in your community. For more on any of these options check out our team donate pages.

We hope you would consider being a part of this story. Stay tuned for more updates. We’re so thankful to have you join us, and can’t wait to see the impact of another year of getting people water for life.

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