Reporting on Your Gift: Wheels4Water 2017 Results to Date

In 2017, many of you supported our team that was determined to ride from coast to coast on a 3,000+ mile journey to bring safe water to villages in Uganda. You poured out your support, and today, we’re seeing transformation in those villages!

Below is an update on the impact of your generosity:


Together, you provided safe water sources like these:

Your gifts multiplied. Bukoba Central village, for example, was moved to share the sanitation and hygiene practices they had learned from Lifewater staff with a nearby village experiencing a cholera outbreak. The outbreak ceased because of their intervention, because of your generosity.

Justine of Bukoba Central village said, “Constant sickness used to make our lives extremely miserable. But, people no longer die. We are happier, healthier, and are more united than we have ever been.”

Families like Justine’s have greater opportunities, and children, no longer bound to walk long walks for contaminated water, can go to school.

Without you taking the first step, none of this life-changing work in Ugandan households and classrooms would be possible. On behalf of all the Wheels4Water riders and the team at Lifewater, thank you. You are transforming lives for thousands in Uganda!!!


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