How Do You Get Water?

Sometimes getting water is as easy as walking five feet to a faucet and filling your cup. But sometimes it requires walking or biking four miles and carrying over 40 lbs of water. While we were in Uganda this past summer, we had an opportunity to see how much effort goes into getting clean water.

We met our friend, Delafred, at one of the water pumps near his community and were astounded to see him fill an entire jerrycan with water, carry it to his bike, and then make his way back to his family. Pretty incredible, considering none of us have probably experienced such labor associated with getting a glass of clean water.

Clean water sources that are closer to communities allow families to expend less time and energy on taking care of their basic needs so that they can focus on other important things. Partnering with Wheels4Water and Lifewater can help provide those resources to families in Lira, Uganda. 1,000 Miles for 1,000 People. Join us on the journey!

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