A New Kind Of Hero

Not all heroes carry out dramatic acts of sacrifice and salvation. Many work quietly, diligently, and persistently to carry others forward with small steps. Some rescue us from danger. Some remove dangers altogether. Kellie, a young woman living in the Agali region of northern Uganda, witnessed a few heroes at work in her community – they were installing a sustainable well. Before seeing the men work on the well, Kellie wanted to be a nurse so that she could help sick people. She soon changed her mind.


Kellie turns to us and says, “Actually, I want to be a water engineer. They are helping people to stop getting sick at all.”

The well drillers do not work alone. Community members labor alongside them, bringing water and other materials necessary for the drilling. When drilling in remote areas over a few days, local families invite the drillers into their homes. After many hours and setbacks, they drill deep enough to find safe water. The drilling team caps the new well with a concrete slab and hand pump. The water is tested for other contaminants, and after getting a clean report, it’s ready for use.


Kellie, along with her family, neighbors, and everyone at the clinic, are the owners of a life-saving gift of safe water.

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