2019: Day 4 – Riding for Odako Anidi Village

Life in Odako Anidi: Aberash’s Story

At 27 years old, Aberash Tonsisa and her husband are raising three children under the age of seven. Most days, in the rush and worry of things, Aberash feels as though a thousands pounds sits on her shoulders.

Although far less than a thousands pounds, the weight of two heavy containers of water is a daily reality for Aberash. Two times before the sun goes does, she travels to the natural spring near her village to gather water for drinking, washing, and cooking.

It is badly contaminated, with dirt, insects, and feces washed from the forest into the water. But, without it, they would not survive.

“The water we drink is unsafe and exposes my family to different expenses in the village,”she said.

Diarrheal disease is common in Okako Anidi village. The disease debilitates entire families, preventing children from going to school and parents from working.

“I feel shame when I ask my neighbors to help me prepare food for my family when I get sick,” she said. “Our children are not old enough to cook and the culture does not allow for my husband to prepare food.”

When Aberash and her children get sick, they take a medication called oral rehydration salts (ORS). Made with sugar and salt, the substance helps replace the lost fluid in the body.

“We provide ORS for the child with diarrhea because the price of medicine as well as the treatment fee at the clinic is getting higher and higher, and we can’t afford it.”

With safe water, Aberash would save time gathering water and money on medication. With safe water, Aberash says she would start her own business.
“My hope is to have a poultry business and help our children to be successful in their education,” she said.

You can help Aberash’s family and others in Odako Anidi today. Your gift will provide health training for each household, plus a new, safe water source near their village.

Lasting change means more than just building a well. Local Lifewater staff will work house by house to teach healthy habits and share the love of Christ with everyone.

Here’s what happens when you sponsor a village water project through Lifewater:

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