2019: Day 3 – Riding for Sodo Chefae Village

Life in Sodo Chefae: Lamitu’s Story
Fear is a common feeling in Lamitu’s household. When the youngest children fall ill, fear washes over her. When things get serious, fear rises to Lamitu’s chest, making breathing burdensome.

But, the mother of five has great courage, and she always finds a way to act in the face of debilitating distress.

Last month, Lamitu’s youngest daughter, 3-year-old Adanech, was suffering from diarrheal disease the second leading cause of death in children under five, and a water-related illness.

Adanech was becoming dangerously dehydrated, and her mother had no choice but to bring her to the health clinic for costly, life-saving treatment.

“We do not have safe water in the village and it is crucial for our day to day life,” Lamitu said.

Every two months, a child must be rushed to the health clinic for treatment of, most commonly, water-related diseases.

A contaminated spring close to Lamitu’s home in Sodo Chefae is their only source of water.

Even with their own business selling coffee beans, Lamitu and her husband cannot keep up with the ever-present cost of medication for their children.

“We sell coffee beans and we sell our sheep, but we spend the money on clinic fees; I do not how long we can keep doing this,” she said. “I wish to get safe water in my village.”

With a safe water source near Sodo Chefae village, Lamitu will be able to save money. Her children will be healthier and able to go to school much more often.

“I hope to open a coffee business between our village and the main town to support my family economically,” she said.

You can help Lamitu’s family and others in Sodo Chefae village today. Your gift will provide health training for each household, plus a new, safe water source near their village.

Lasting change means more than just building a well. Compelled by the love of Christ, local Lifewater staff work house by house to teach families healthy habits that will impact generations to come.

Here’s what happens when you sponsor a village water project through Lifewater:

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