May 12, 2014

Well Parties Are The Best Parties

Ain’t no party like a new well party. You may think of yourself as a person who knows how to celebrate. You can plan it down to the themed toothpicks, you can put out a spread like nobody’s business, or you can be the first one on the dance floor, but you have NOT seen…

May 09, 2014

Another Quick Update

Hey everyone! Brian and Justin, here! Just stopping by to say hi and to remind you about all the awesome stuff going on with Wheels4Water. There are a lot of awesome items up in the Wheels4Water store these days, and a lot of really cool things that have come our way since we started this…

May 05, 2014

Happenings In Lira #1

You probably know that Wheels4Water is raising funds to bring safe water and sanitation to a community in Lira, Uganda, but did you know that the work has already begun there? Lifewater International has been hard at work in Lira, Uganda for the last few years and they’ve made some headway. Take, for example, this most recent…

April 29, 2014

Meet Our SAG Wagon Captain: Tony

Every cyclist needs a good support team and, in our humble opinion, our crew is the best out there. Today we want you to meet our friend and SAG Wagon Captain, Tony. Tony is the president of O’Neil Printing, a Phoenix, AZ-based company that offers a vast array of commercial print services. O’Neil Printing has been one…

April 22, 2014

Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Forever

Water affects everything, ever. It affects everyone, everything, everywhere, forever.

April 21, 2014

40 Days for 40 People

Only 40 days left until we set off from Boston Harbor for Lake Michigan…can you believe it?? To celebrate the final 40 days leading up to the ride, we want to invite you to participate in our 40 Days / 40 People Campaign! This means that from today until May 30, we are trying to get…

April 16, 2014

Northern Uganda: A Hard Place

In the Wheels4Water story, we’ve done our best to talk about the realities of the worldwide water and sanitation crisis, but when it comes to explaining the particulars of Lira, Uganda (and, more so, the Northern Uganda region in general) it gets a bit complicated.

April 10, 2014

Our Pactimo Team Store Is Up!

We have exciting news! For the last few weeks we’ve been posting teasers of our awesome Pactimo cycling jerseys on our social media networks and a lot of you have asked if you can own one for yourself. Well, you’re in luck!

April 03, 2014

A Pep Talk From Christian Vande Velde

For those of you who don’t know, we are unabashedly huge Christian Vande Velde fans. Not only is he an accomplished, world-class cyclist — he’s a down-to-earth, genuinely nice guy. Ever since we came into contact with him, he’s been incredibly supportive of the Wheels4Water effort and we count ourselves lucky to have him in…

April 01, 2014

Owning It

The story goes like this: an organization comes and drills a well in a community. The organization puts a hand pump on the well and a plaque noting what generous individual gave thousands of dollars for the well’s parts and labor. There is a celebration because people in that community have something they’ve never had…