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We need your help to fight the global water crisis. $40 per mile = 1 person water for life

We ride our bikes to help people get water and sanitation for life.

Wheels4Water was founded by two creatives and a group of friends who wanted to help fight the worldwide water crisis by hopping on their bicycles to raise funding and awareness. We partner with businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations who want to create positive change by leveraging collective resources and influence, bringing safe water and sanitation training to people for life. Safe water should be a reality for everyone, and sometimes progress starts with one pedal after another. One mile at a time.

$40 per mile = 1 person water for life!

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A Taste of Reality in Uganda

Justin Narducci, CEO of Lifewater International, explains how desperate the situation is in the communities Wheels4Water is serving. Without adequate water resources, communities are forced to share water with livestock, resulting in deadly illness. This is the reality of communities prior to the work Wheels4Water supports. Thank you for your continued support to fight these challenges in impoverished communities.

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June 21, 2016


Wheels4Water Website Wins Award!

The Wheels4Water website recently won the GDUSA American Web Design Awards! The competition was created to showcase and celebrate design’s power to enhance websites and online communication, and we’re honored to be among the winners! Be sure to check out the other winning projects by clicking here.    

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